A Belgium Blog Part ll

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Playing under the Baobab tree

Second to last Ntcheu show at Gomani Village, we play on the top of a hill bathed by the light of the setting sun, next to a huge Baobab tree. Our show becomes more honed smooth and fun with the audience and the audience cheers and laughs with us. In the end the atmosphere in the audience is peaceful, open, and listening. Then, like after all the shows there is an burst of desire to come and play with us. We get out the hula hoops and the jump rope and the party continues.

A Belgium Blog - Retrospective on Project Chimwemwe

We heard from our South African Clown Sibusiso Khambule about his reflections of the Project Chimwemwe, but here are some thoughts and reflections from Our Belgium Clowns from Clowns et Magiciens sans Frontieres Belgique.

Week One Reflections on Project Chimwemwe

It’s the end of our first week in Malawi already? Wow! Time flies when you working with highly enthusiastic people. It has been a week filled with lots of CHIMWEMWE (happiness and joy)!!! The spirit is so high, working with kind-hearted artists from CWB Belgium and the YONECO cultural troupe, who have kept their hearts and smiles open to this partnership since the first day.

Project Chimwemwe - Malawi

Jambo, muli bwanji, hello, buon giorno from Malawi! Binini, Banana, Naartjie and Mrs Maluwa (meaning flower in Chichewa) have been rehearsing for the last 2 days with 16 members of the YONECO cultural troupe in Malawi. The result is an eclectic afromix of Malawian, Swazi, South African, British and American clowns, musicians and dancers.


Project Jubalation in South Sudan!


One word for the Jubalation tour in Juba, South Sudan: Wow!

The tour was intense. It was taxing both emotionally and physically but my energy and willingness to keep going came from the good team spirit amongst my fellow clowns, the supportive Terre des Hommes (TdH) staff members and last, but not least, the undying willingness of our beneficiaries to engage in our activities.

Update from Our Story Your Story from our rockstar volunteer, Sophie!


Cape Town, South Africa – Over the last few months working with Our Story Your Story, I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know so many incredible people. In addition to the amazing people I am working with, the participants – youth, elders, learners, and facilitators – have been vital to my own love of and dedication to the project.

Update from Our Story Your Story!


Cape Town, South Africa - The past four months working for Our Story Your Story has been very exciting! It has been a great experience and since I am new, I am learning a lot from it. 

Clowns respond to xenophobic violence in Durban


15 April 2015, Durban - It's time to mobilise. 

Xenophobic violence has started up again in a big way. People are being killed and chased from their homes. Other's are lining the streets in town with weapons, waiting to defend their businesses and friends.

Update from deep rural KwaZulu-Natal!


Week 2 of the Injabulo tour in Ingwavuma was a lovely week. The show is getting better and the children's reactions are always so genuine and honest. This keeps us on our toes and gives us desire to keep pushing the envelope to see their reactions, even the 'boos' because you know they are paying attention and wanting to join in on the fun.

Viva, Clowns! Viva! - Update from Swaziland

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Mbabane, Swaziland - As soon as Banana (Annabel Morgan) told me about the background of the Sandra Lee Centre (SLC), I knew that I wanted to put my feet on the ground of such a great place. “Put your feet on the ground, and sit up straight on the chair. Feel where your feet touch the ground, the ground that is always there, always supporting you.” To