Project Rufaro in Zimbabwe - A Time To Play


16 September 2013 - Our journey to Zimbabwe started on a flight with KLM. As I settled in to my seat, arranged my boiled sweets, eye mask, books and clown costume (to sew on route) the inflight magazine caught my eye. I pulled it from pouch and the front cover shouted PLAY. I found the following quote on page 1:

“You can learn as much about a person from an hour of playing as you can from a year of conversation” – Plato

A View from Bag End on Stage - Project Free Your Mind in Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya - One last blog from our recent tour with Clowns Without Borders Sweden and Sarakasi Circus in Kenya:

Soul Laughter - Project Free Your Mind in Kenya


Such beautiful words from our partner clown, Antoine, from Clowner Utan Granser about our recent trip to Kenya for Project Free Your Mind...

When Going to the Hospital is Good News - Update from Kenya


Kenyatta International Hospital, Kenya - When going to the Hospital is Good News

African red earth, Marabou Storks, traffic jams (that makes Joburg feel like the countryside in peak hour), sugar cane, the delicious local food, bright smiles and open hearts are a few of my fleeting impressions of my time spent in Kenya – oh – and not to forget the clowns!

Update from Kenya - Project Free Your Mind

Clowns Without Borders has been working in Kenya since last year, collaborating with Hand in Hand East Africa on their Young Mother’s Project ( So far we have been training their trainers in interactive and emotionally responsive facilitation techniques – workshops which have been dubbed by the participants “Project: Free Your Mind”. You can read more about this wonderful project here:

Now, for the first time in this collaboration, Clowns from South Africa, Sweden and Kenya have come together to share joy and laughter through performances in the areas Hand in Hand works in.

Building a Rondavel of Support for Families in Cape Town - News from Sinovuyo


Khayelitsha, Cape Town - For the past 12 weeks, Clowns Without Borders has been implementing the Sinvouyo Caring Families Programme with vulnerable families affected by HIV/AIDS, intimate partner violence, and poverty.

Borderless clowns - Update from Project Lithe'tha

Borderless, endless, without political agenda or motivation, with no prejudice or favor without a limit as to whom it will reach, Clowns Without Borders South Africa is bringing social interventions to the human community.

maJobe meets maJobe - Update from National Deaf Education Tour

Feedback Kwathintwa2.png

Hello! Phumzile Sitole here!  Aka – maJobe. Mthiyane. Maphita.

Those are my praise names. I’m Zulu and in the past two weeks have enjoyed bringing joy to the people that decorate the naturally beautiful landscape of KwaZulu Natal. The communities, in particular the children, decorate this land with their array of smiles, hope, dried snot, bright eyes and most importantly – their melodic laughter. This tour has been a privilege and the experiences I will take away with me are thoroughly special.

Playtime Antics! - Update from National Deaf Education Tour



Best. Show. Ever.

It's 4am and I'm wide awake. I have just had a dream where I am late for a gig and don't have a costume and I'm running around stressed out of my mind. For some reason this seems to have made me not want to get back to sleep. I do manage to drop off again but still wake up before my alarm. I seem to have fallen into a rural rhythm. I stumble off to the shower and get ready for another day of shows out here in rural KZN.