Freeing of the Mind in Kenya

Inspiring words from our Swazi artist, Nicholas Mamba, describing the our recent training of Hand-in-Hand East Africa in Kenya earlier this month.

Telling Stories – Update from Injabulo Family Programme in Johannesburg

We are working with an amazing group of woman with J29 in a fast growing township on the outskirts of Alberton, Gauteng. The focus of yesterday’s session was on stories from our ancestors. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was the youngest participants who jumped in to tell stories first. 

Update from Project KwaSuka Sukela in the Inner City Slums of Johannesburg

“You made us laugh and forget what we going to have for dinner. Our stress dropped a little and now you are leaving,” said one lady, who was watching the show with her children. “I hope the show was longer. I was enjoying laughing. Thank you for coming,” a young man from Zimbabwe said.

Update from the Injabulo Family Programme in Rural KwaZulu-Natal

“I couldn’t say this in front of the group because it is so personal,” Ma D. began. “But I will tell you, because I think that it is important. All the time we have been together, my husband has been very abusive to me and to the children, and I never knew what I could do about it or how I could protect my children. It never occurred to me that my children could help me, instead of just me trying to protect them. Now, when we come home, we sing the songs and play the games that we learned at this workshop. It is something that we can do together. My husband is the only one that was left out. He would watch and get jealous. Now, he wants to learn, too. It is the first time that we have ever done things together as a family.”

“Echoes of laughter and laduma in the hills of Ingwe” - Update from Creighton

Creighton tour 245.jpg

After five days of fun filled intense rehearsals “Laduma” is born! Those blessed with witness this amazing birth are, Jayne (director) from Cape Town, Mandla (drummer) from Durban, and the four clowns, Sabee Shozi aka U.B.U\ Jezebel from Durban, Sipho Mdletshe aka Zumba from Durban, Sussie Mjwara aka Diva\Olive from Durban, and Briar aka Molly from New Zealand/Australia. We are really thrilled to have so many new artists on board including Briar who is visiting to start up a Clowns Without Borders Australia.

HiH project in Kenya

A brief overview of our exciting new project in Kenya!

Injabulo Family Programme Update from Dundee

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September 2012 - Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal

What? Its Friday already? That was quick, Monday feels like it was only yesterday. Oh well that’s how it goes.

"Usineka ntoni?" "AmaClowns!"


18 August 2012 – Tongaat and Waterloo

Growing up I never had an opportunity to laugh freely. I remember that if I was caught laughing, I was asked what I was laughing at. They used to say “usineka ntoni?”  (What are you grinning at). This question made me not show people my smile because ukusineka is an insult. When a goat or sheep’s head is roasted on open flame, the lips shrink thus showing the teeth in an unsightly manner. So laughing freely was out of the question for me.

A special day at Spes Nova School in Phoenix, Durban

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Thursday 2nd August 2012, Spes Nova School, Phoenix - After an early morning rehearsal where we tighten up our show, including the juggling and acrobatic routines, we head out to Phoenix. We, being Sussie Mjwara, Busi Biyela, Mr. Fish, and myself, Gavin.

Faces of angels

Read the latest update about the performance tour in hospitals, clinics, orphanages, elderly homes, refugee centres and Romani gypsy camps throughout Lithuania!