Follow-Up Njabulo Residency in Creighton

CWBSA did a follow-up residency in Crieghton on the 21 - 25 November. We met with 37 participant from the community of Tarr's Valley and 4 care workers from Sunflower help centre. We had 4 sessions with children and 1 session with the guardians and what we found from the guardians is that the first residency really brought change in thier lives and they will really like to continue doing some of the things that we tought them and also have a support group.

Umthatha Capacity Training

Mthatha Training 171.jpg
Mthatha Training 172.jpg

Molweni , Hello, Bonjour, Dumelang!!!!!!

Once again Sussie and I went to the Eastern Cape in Umtata where they speak deep isiXhosa mixed with English, which was nice for both of us. We went there to train community care workers with Itemba Community Development Services. We had a great time with 15 participants who enjoyed every minute with CWBSA facilitators.

Update from Kokstad, KZN


Kokstad, kokstad, kokstad. Sibongile and I arrived on Sunday the 11th of September 2011. I was looking forward to this Njabulo Residency for a couple of reasons. One being the fact that it was my second residency programme and I was the project leader. Scarrry! Second being the fact that I was going to speak my language isiXhosa. It’s been a long time since I spoke my home language as I am now a resident of KwaZulu Natal.

Matatiele, Matatiele

An update from our follow-up residency in sweet Matatiele, Eastern Cape. Sibongile and I returned to work with the same guardians and children that we did the Najbulo residency programme with in September. We were joined by Katie Chalcraft, who came to observe the way we work for her research (see Wasafiri Consulting)

She wrote this piece about her experience:

Qu'est que c'est?


Some snapshots from CWBSA of the different experiences doing a performance tour with Clowns Sans Frontieres in Cape Town from 19 Nov - 2 Dec.

Clowns in Botswana

I officially feel like a clown without a border...

HIV Prevention and Parenting in Underberg


Sanibonani, Ninjani? Mina ngiyaphila. Greetings!!!!

This October, Sipho and I went up to Underberg to start a new programme for Clowns Without Borders with the Khuphuka Project – the Njabulo Parenting Programme for Teens. Sponsored by MacAIDS/HIVOS and Europcar, the program had all elements; it was challenging, fun, and extremely interesting. For the past years working for CWBSA, we have worked with younger children and their guardians, but this time we worked with teenagers and their guardians – a whole different story altogether!

YAYA! - Clowns at Global Handwashing Day


Last Thurs 13 Oct, CWBSA and the People's Educational Theatre collaborated with UNICEF Swaziland on Global Handwashing Day, spreading the message about handwashing with soap in a playful and fun way. The Swazi team was Annabel Morgan, Nicholas Mamba and Musa Zikalala - YAYA!

"Handwashing with soap is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent diarrheal and acute respiratory infections, which take the lives of millions of children in developing countries every year. Together, they are responsible for the majority of all child deaths"

Irish Eyes Are Smiling...

Ireland-SA Spray.jpg

Creighton, KZN

9th October

2 schools and 2 shows back to back.The first show had that magic connection that sometimes happens between an audience and performers. Action and reaction; fooling around and shrieks of laughter. What a pleasure!

The school then served up a yummy feed of red beans and rice, a sample from the school food programme that is run in poor and rural schools in South Africa.