Building Local Capacity

"If you teach a person to fish..."

Empowering communities to create lasting mechanisms of empathic care and support through play and laughter. 

Clowns Without Borders believes strongly in empowering local communities to support themselves providing psychosocial support to vulnerable children and their guardians. We have worked with many organisations to build internal capacity of service providers to use nondidactic means of working with vulnerable families. Current and past partners include UNICEF Swaziland, the AIDS Foundation South Africa, Ikamva Labantu, the Lutheran Development Service, and Worldwide Orphans.

Clowns without Borders offers both short workshops (1-day or 1-week) on integrating the arts into psychosocial support as well as ongoing capacity building partnerships that teach organisations how to implement our parenting programmes. We design workshops to fit our partners' specific needs using storytelling, play, mindfulness, and theatre in a hands-on participatory and experiential appraoch. These include workshops on HIV prevention, team building, children's rights, gender sensitivity, and non-violent conflict resolution.

Clowns Without Borders has implemented long-term local capacity building projects in KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland and Lesotho. Our strategy has a 7 stage approach:

1. Introduction - CWBSA performs for schools and centres in community based organisation's area of focus introducing the clowns to the children and community members.

2. Observation - CWBSA staff implement 10-day Njabulo HIV/AIDS Residency Programme with CBO staff observing. Followed by a 5-day training for staff.

3. Assistance - CBO staff assist CWBSA in a residency followed by an additional 5-day staff training.

4. Mentorship - CBO staff implement Njabulo Residency with CWBSA staff assisting and mentoring during the process. Followed by a 5-day training.

5. Independence - CBO staff implement 10-week Njabulo Residency independently.

6. Assessment - CWBSA staff assess capacity of CBO's ability to implement sessions.

7. Enhancement - CWBSA provides additional training to CBO for follow-up sessions and support group creation.

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