Sticker logo small.jpgClowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA) is recruiting an Executive Director to lead our arts-based non-profit organisation in  its next phase of growth and sustainability.

CWBSA is international organisation dedicated to improving the psychosocial condition of children, families, and communities in areas of crisis through laughter and play.  We also seek to raise our society’s awareness of conditions in these areas.

Since 2004, CWBSA has implemented projects for over 385,000 vulnerable children and families in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Sweden, Lithuania, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, and Zimbabwe.

CWBSA has a variety of arts-based interventions: (1) live performance tours to increase access to the arts in marginalised  communities affected by crisis, (2) family programmes to improve child wellbeing and reduce violence against children and teens,  (3) storytelling projects to build bridges between communities, and (4) technical assistance and capacity building of local  organisations.

Current partners include the South African Department of Social Development, UNICEF South Africa, the World Health Organization, Catholic Relief Services, 4Children, Ilifa Labantwana, Ikamva Labantu, the National Association of Child and Youth Careworkers, Terre des Hommes, and Plan International.

In 2015, CWBSA raised a total of R3.4 million from corporate sponsors, government, private donors, and foundations. A total 28 artists and facilitators implemented 9 projects in 3 countries for over 60,000 beneficiaries. CWBSA also implemented parenting
programmes for over 260 families working with more than 20 partners.

CWBSA operates offices in Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, and King Williams Town, with satellite centres of operation in Johannesburg and Mbabane, Swaziland.

CWBSA is also part of a larger network of Clowns Without Borders chapters that form CWB International and is a member of ASSITEJ South Africa and the CINDI Network.

Place within the organisation: Reports directly to the board of Clowns Without Borders South Africa

Works closely with the CWBSA Managing Director

Job location: Based in Cape Town, South Africa, with travel within South Africa,
regionally, and internationally
Duration: Through December 2017, starting 1st of May 2016, with
3-year contract renewal subject to performance
Remuneration: Salary is commensurate of experience (package will be cost to company
and performance based)


Core values

  • Ensure that the management and operations of CWBSA adheres to CWB International and CWBSA’s core principles protocols as indicated in its constitution and associated code of ethics (;
  • Ensure that CWBSA maintains a commitment to using the arts and humour as a means of empowerment, healing, and transformation by “Putting a Red  ose” on all of our activities;
  • Maintain a collaborative spirit of peace, joy, compassion and loving kindness in all of the organisation’s endeavours.


  • Lead, oversee, and monitor projects and associated budgets in coordination with the Board of Directors, Managing Director, and project staff;
  • Ensure, together with the Managing Director and the external auditor, the timely finalisation of CWBSA’s
    annual accounts and reporting;
  • Manage and mentor CWBSA staff in the following activity areas: recruitment, fundraising, programme
    development/implementation, advocacy, communications, administration, and finance
  • Establish a positive, healthy, safe, and happy work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation, regulations, and core principles;
  •  To be cognisant of diversity to the support and actively encourage integration of all staff, interns & office volunteers;

Communications, Advocacy and Representation

  • Represent CWBSA in meetings and act as spokesperson in various platforms including with other Southern African NGOs, beneficiaries, government officials, institutions, community groups, academia, corporates, major Donors, etc.;
  • Ensure that CWBSA’s identity, mission and name is used in a representative and consistent manner across all activities of CWBSA;
  • Act as CWBSA’s official spokesperson, in co-ordination with the CWBSA Board of Directors, and ensure that this function is delegated, encouraged and assisted among other members of the Board, management, and implementing team.


  • Build relationships with existing and new donors;
  • Develop and  implement income generation initiatives;
  • Identify funding opportunities via grants, sponsorships, partnerships, and consultancies;
  • Secure funding to support ongoing operational management, to expand existing projects, and to
    establish new projects.

Programme evaluation

  • Manage the monitoring of programme implementation and evaluation of programme impact and provide feedback as needed;
  • Provide on-site assessment and review of CWBSA programmes;
  • Work with staff to develop objective performance measurements across all programmes to ensure consistent, high quality evaluation, and goal setting.

Accountability to, and collaboration with the Board

  • Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that affect the organisation;
  • Foster effective team work between the CWBSA Board and the Management Team and between the Management Team and CWBSA staff;
  • Work with the Board to ensure active participation in the international platforms of CWB and other international partners.

CWB International

  • Actively strive for a coherent and accountable international organisation by participating in the debates and sharing of information with other CWB chapters;
  • Contribute and participate actively towards achieving coherence and effective coordination of CWB International’s
  • Build and maintain networks with other Executive Directors and administrators that are part of CWB International;
  • Build and maintain relations with the CWBSA’s international representative and the CWBI Steering Committee and International Coordinator;
  • Participate actively in the annual CWB International meetings.

Requirements and Candidate profile

Essential qualifications

  • At least 5 years of proven management experience;
  • A relevant Masters or PhD degree, minimum Honours degree;
  • Genuine commitment to and understanding of humanitarian and artistic principles and the aims and objectives of CWBSA.

Essential technical skills

  • Strong leadership capacity and ability to lead and support a healthy working environment;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, conflict resolution and management skills, and organisational,
    reporting, and planning skills;
  • Proficient knowledge and demonstrated skills in Microsoft Office software, internet based applications and required
    social media sites;

Fluent written and spoken language in English;

  • Valid Driving Licence.

Desired technical skills

  • Ability to develop vision and a proven track record of translating vision into practice;
  • Ability to develop and sustain innovative programming for vulnerable children and families;
  • Excellent understanding of public policy, media engagement and advocacy;
  • Excellent presentation skills including for media interviews and speaking in public;
  • Ability to adapt to various computer-assisted management tools;
  • Ability to travel at short notice both nationally and internationally;
  • Willingness to deal with crises outside of office hours if and when they arise.

Essential knowledge and experience

  • Knowledge and/or experience in the artistic disciplines of physical theatre, clown performance, storytelling, and children’s theatre within a development context;
  • Knowledge and/or experience in delivering psychosocial programming to vulnerable children, youth, and adults;
  • Knowledge and experience with providing technical assistance and scale up of programmes;
  • Relevant fundraising experience within a non-profit environment and ability to cultivate and maintain long-term donor/customer relationships;
  • Knowledge of evidence-based research methods and approaches;
  • Direct experience of budgeting, fiscal control and financial planning;
  • Understanding of financial management issues.

Desired knowledge and experience

  • Working experience in humanitarian and
    community settings;
  • Working experience in cross cultural settings;
  • Understanding of financial management issues;
  • Knowledge of racial, gender, and economic social justice and how it relates to working and implementing programmes in South Africa;
  • Ability to respond to changing circumstances and priorities in a positive, focused manner and remain composed under stress.

If you are interested in applying please email a copy of your CV with a Personal Statement outlining how you meet the essential and desired qualifications to before 29 February 2016.

Preference will be given, but not limited to, candidates from designated groups in terms of the Employment Equity Act.