What People Say…


 “I learned that I am not alone in my dreams.  There are people there to support me.  At first I felt shy, but now, I feel different and it feels great!”


 “I learned that I am not alone in my dreams.  There are people there to support me.  At first I felt shy, but now, I feel different and it feels great!”

– Thandokuhle, 12 year-old orphan after a Life Dreams workshop in Kwazulu-Natal

 “Your support shows that someone loves us to come from so far away and bring laughter.  It shows us that from something simple you can make beautiful things.  Thank you today for giving us so much.”

– Mbisi, 17 year old orphan in Mpumalanga

Our Partners

 “It brings tears of joy to my eyes to see the work you are doing. There are only two things you can give a child that no one can take away and those are memories and education.  You do both.  To teach a child how to make others laugh while laughing himself must be one on the greatest gifts you can give.  I am so proud to be associated with Clowns Without Borders.”

– Kathy Poulter, director of Makaphutu Children’s Village, South Africa

 “The children of Ufafa look forward to two events each year: Christmas and the Clowns!”

– Sue Hedden, director of Woza Moya Community Project, South Africa

 “Please, you must come again. The children enjoyed it so much. You can see it in their eyes. The children never get to see such things. At home there are no televisions even; their parents are poor. If they can get to see things like this, perhaps their behaviour can change. It teaches them a lot … ”

Thando Ndlovu, Principal at Ntakama Primary School, Ufafa, KZN.

 “Thanks so much for coming out to my schools.  The kids and adults both really loved the shows.  Great work.”

– Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho

 The clowns are superb, and they also teach our staff a lot about professionalism and dedication.”

-Grant Monareng, Ndlovu AIDS Awareness Program, Ndlovu Medical Centre, Elandsdoorn, Limpopo


 “Things like this are absolutely vital!”

– Newsweek Magazine

 “Laughter is the best medicine…it’s clear that it is a job that Project Njabulo does well”

– Ch. 27, ABC affiliate, Madison, Wisconsin

 “Clowns Without Borders helps children around the world laugh in the face of daunting obstacles”

– NPR, National Public Radio

 “It’s hard not to smile about Clowns Without Borders which takes seriously its promise to deliver real relief in the form of smiles.”

– Wisconsin State Journal

 “THREE toilet brushes, some red noses  and a banjo …. Add four people with a passion for clowning and you've got your result: no child without a smile.”

-Natal Witness

 “Clowns Without Borders will not only educate you on Project Njabulo, but will make you chuckle…a fabulous presentation”

– Dodgeville Chronicle


 “The universal languages of pantomime and humor appealed to students and teachers alike….I highly recommend [Clowns Without Borders] for all school and youth groups.”

– Vice-Principal of Solomon Schechter Day School

 "I really liked it a lot!  I laughed SO hard!!!!"

– Chandler, 3rd Grader from Mt. Horeb

 "Our 3rd grade studies Africa – it was great for them to see firsthand some of the people and land they are learning about right now…This performance and story will stay in our hearts forever.”

– LuAnn Wichlacz, Art Teacher, Mt. Horeb Intermediary School 

 “The week after your performance, a parent raved about your performance to other parents in the library.  The parents who missed the show lamented, "Oh, I wish I could have been there! You truly made an impression and brought smiles and joy to the children of Hollywood Library.  Thank you”

– Kim Woo, Children’s Librarian, Hollywood Library


“It is so touching to read about your work and the latest reports are no different. Although tears come to my eyes as i read, my heart fills with warmth and somehow seeing the photos of the laughing children, the world becomes a better place.”

– Anonymous

 “Bravo to you and your team for your courageous and joyful work.  I'm glad to be included and to in some way feel connected to what you are doing there.  And it helps to remember that each effort creates a stir and a ripple which keeps reverberating.  Thank you for your dedication and care.” 

– Anonymous

“Every time I get an email titled Project Njabulo, I get the chills… good chills, knowing there about people like the two of you doing great things, no matter how small or big they are. Keep making the world smile!”