Our Story Your Story - Partners

Our Story Your Story is made possible by the generous support from Rand Merchant Bank and Europcar South Africa. Their belief in the power of storytelling to change individuals and communities allows us to continue this meaningful workwork.

We would also like to thank Salesian Life ChoicesIkamva LabantuHarambee Youth Employment Acceleratorand all of our other partners for their support of and participation in this project.

Our Story Your Story is also partnering with Team Tarbaby, a local film collective in Cape Town, in order to create a documentary film of the OSYS process. For information about the film, and to donate to its creation, please look at their Indiegogo campaign.  

For more information on how to have OUR STORY YOUR STORY come to your community, contact us at info@cwbsa.org or 031 368 1912.

Please support this project by making a donation today!