Lansdowne, Philippi, Khayelitsha, Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA


March – December 2015




Lisa Cohen, Andiswa Mgedle, Ncedo Zide and Sophie Ries



Rand Merchant Bank

Rand Merchant Bank


Salescian Life Choices is a bold movement investing in youth to tackle inequality. We dream about a world where we see beyond differences and we connect with each other as equals. We work towards a world of abundance – for all humans and the planet.

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is a youth employment accelerator. We connect employers looking for entry-level talent to young, high-potential work-seekers who are currently locked out of the formal economy. Started in 2011, we recruit candidates where existing corporate recruitment networks do not reach, assess their competencies and match them to jobs where they are most likely to succeed. We then deliver high quality work readiness programmes that directly address the risks identified by employers in taking on first-time workers.

Ikamva Labantu is an organisation that is committed to creating sustainable socio-economic change in Cape Town’s township communities. By working hand-in-hand with community members, they seek to empower individuals and communities to become self-sufficient through the provision of training, support and resources.

The Bookery

Started in 2010 as part of Equal Education ( and becoming an NPO in 2013, The Bookery has set up 48 school libraries in South Africa. In 2014, we added a major component to our work that supports the libraries we set up to ensure their sustainability.


Nal’ibali is built on the simple logic that a well-established culture of reading can be a real game-changer for education in South Africa. Literacy skills are a strong predictor of future academic success in all subjects – and children who regularly read and hear engaging stories, in languages they understand, are well equipped and motivated to learn to read and write. A significant body of research reinforces the link between reading for pleasure and improved outcomes for children.


In 2015, Our Story Your Story harnessed the power of storytelling, an ancient form of creative expression, to bridge intergenerational divides between young people and elders, integrate arts education within existing school curricula by engaging educators in Lansdowne, Philippi, and Khayelitsha, in the Western Cape. Learners, educators, youth artist facilitators and elders shared their personal narratives through interactive arts education workshops and storytelling performances as a tool for learning and community development.


“One of our LAs (usually very shy) confidently told us how the CWB programme has elevated the position of the library in the school, not only amongst learners, but teachers and the principal too. We’re very excited about this and the possibility that other schools could be included next year.”
– Janet Cronje (Bookery Director)

“Sitting there I was brave but when I stood up I realised how nervous I was but it was good to be listened to and made me feel famous.”
– Bongisa Gunuza, Learner Participant from Life Choices.

“When someone spoke about the difficult relationship they have with their mom. I felt really emotional because I related in so many ways to her story and I could feel all the pain she was feeling.”
– Aaminah Naidoo, youth participant.

“When I got to the front to share my story. i felt that power of being respected, everyone listening to you. It gave me more ability to be myself, not faking it.”
– Thandeka Lokoza, youth participant.