Performance Tours

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"“The children of Ufafa look forward to two events each year: Christmas and the Clowns’ visit!” – Sue Hedden, director of Woza Moya Community Project, South Africa

Send in the clowns!

Clowns Without Borders South Africa has reached over 200,000 children and adults through performances in communities affected by violence, disease, natural disasters, and poverty. Using physical comedy, music, storytelling, and dance, our performances are offered freely by professional artists from throughout Southern Africa to provide momentary relief to large numbers of children and adults. They help transform places of grief and emotional suffering into celebrations of laughter, joy and hope. We also raise awareness of important issues facing communities relating to the experience of those affected. These include HIV prevention, gender sensitivity, poverty, and nonviolent conflict resolution. Performances are offered in neutral locations such as public schools and community centers to reduce the stigmatization of children who have been impacted by the HIV/AIDS, poverty, and violence. Thus, the performances create a bridge for the CWBSA facilitating artists to immediately connect with beneficiaries on a wide level while setting the stage for deeper PSS interventions in interventions.

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