15 –22 Sept & 2 – 3 Nov 2011




Annabel Morgan, Nadia Woodward, Sibusiso “Mr Fish” Dlamini

Sibikwa | gauteng | 2011


Sibikwa Arts Centre – is a visionary arts centre that promotes quality arts education, performance, vocational training and job creation in South Africa. The Sibikwa Arts Centre is an award winning multi-disciplinary holistic arts and culture service provider. Founded in 1988 Sibikwa has extensive experience in vocational training in the performing arts, arts education, community development through the arts and the creation of innovative South African performance pieces.



The first part of the project in September 2011 involved creating a two-person storytelling show, entitled Fishy Flippers, which was then performed twice at the Sibikwa Arts Centre in Benoni, Johannesburg and once at the Manaleni Centre in Tweefontein D, Mpumalanga.

The second part of the project in November 2011 involved Mr Fish as a third artist. He performed his 45-minute solo show Fish! which involved juggling, magic, clowning and acrobatics. Both Mr Fish’s show and Fishy Flippers were performed twice over two days (four shows in total). The audience was made up of pre-school children from the local community. The ‘Stories Without Borders’ Storytelling Festival was a great success.



“The show was very great and it was fun. Now we know how to make children laugh.”                                                     – Teacher, Nonzamo Day Care


“This was the best place Ma’am [our teacher] ever brought us to. I liked the part where the girl wet us with the rain and when the girl wiped her dirty hand by us”                                        – Ayesha, 5 years, Little Angels Day Care


“[The clowns] were very good and the children loved them. I love the fact that they try and speak the vernacular because it makes a lot of difference”

– Staff, Sibikwa Arts Centre

“My experience with working with CWBSA, especially Nadia, Annabel and Mr Fish, has been excellent. As usual, they have performed with much gusto and applaud and we have also had very good feedback from the pre school crèches that attended this festival. Overall, we as Sibikwa Arts Centre have been very impressed with the professionalism, flexibility, humility, talent and creativity of CWBSA, and from the recent performances at Sibikwa, then Mpumalanga and lastly this mini-festival. We have very happy to have worked together with CWBSA. We would like to further develop our relationship and of course, keep in touch. And also provide avenues for future artistic engagement, not only with Sibikwa but other arts/cultural centres as well. Many thanks.”

 – Tonderai Chiyindiko, Festival Manager of Sibikwa Arts Centre