05 – 20 July 2013




Annabel Morgan, Sibusiso Khambule, Nelson Mandela, Nsova, Rebecka Nord, Antoine Dutrieu

Free Your mind  | Kenya | 2013


Hand in Hand (HiH)East Africa

Sarakasi Hospital Project

Hand in Hand Sweden

Clowns Without Borders Sweden



An International cross-cultural collaboration for the clowns! South Africans, Swazis, Swedish, Belgians and Kenyans coming together over 2 weeks to bring laughter to young mothers in and around Nairobi, Kenya.  The show was aimed at the young mothers (working with HiH): to bring them laughter, forget about their stresses and make them feel empowered. The performance tour followed a two week training of new recruits and a three week follow up training session with HiH young mothers and staff.



“Before you came here I was lonely. Now after you came I feel open and free to dance in front of all these people. It was wonderful, amazing. Thank you for coming to us”                                                     – Audience member, Kiambu

“It was mad! We loved it!”                                      – Audience member, Kiambu

“All the young mothers really enjoyed the show. I think we can write in our book that it was best day of our lives. Even the children have enjoyed it so much”                                                                       – Audience member, Kiambu

“It was fantastic. I really loved the acrobatics. I wish to be an acrobat one day. I am trying my best to reach my dream and train. I will try to go to Sarakasi”                                                                – Audience member, Gatundu

“That was really amazing and wonderful, especially Banana and Binini. The young mothers could really relate to the struggle between the man and woman over the child. Sometimes they too separate over the child and then come back together”                                          – Audience member, Machakos


“So many young mothers came. It was wonderful. We had many new young mothers that signed up with HiH EA. It was very rewarding”      – BRO, Thika

“Wow! It was perfect, really perfect. Wow, wow, wow! It was perfect!”

– Branch Manager, Kasarani

“It has been really wonderful. You people have really entertained us. The young mothers are very happy and we have registered many new people for the training. You will never get fat because you are all so active!”

– Programmes Manager, Head Office HiH