03– 26 June 2014




Annabel Morgan, Nicholas Mamba, Samantha Holdsworth (CWB UK), Mukasa, Irene



Hand in Hand East Africa

Sarakasi Hospital Project

Moving Mountains Kenya

Hand in Hand Sweden

Clowns Without Borders Sweden


Project Free Your Mind was mainly created for the Young Mothers who are already members of HiH EA but the performance was open to everyone. Therefore, the audience was largely made up of community members and HiH EA were able to recruit many of them for their programmes. In the third week, the team performed for the beneficiaries of our new local partner, Moving Mountains Kenya. This comprised mostly of children but also teachers and community members. The performance tour ended with a show at Kenyatta National Hospital, organised by another of our local partners, the Sarakasi Hospital Project. The beneficiaries were children and staff in the paediatric cancer ward. 


“Thank you for freeing my mind. I feel like I am flying. There are not many words today except a three letter one; wow!” – BRO, Tala

“I especially loved the men with babies scene. It shows that our men actually understand what we go through but they don’t do anything about it. Most of them run away from their responsibilities” – Young Mother, Busia

“I have never seen anything like it before. It was the most exciting and humorous thing I have ever seen!” – Elderly man, Busia

“I was so excited to be part of the acrobatics scene. I never thought I could do acrobatics. I really enjoyed it!” – Young boy, Homabay

“I had to close my shop to come and watch the show but I don’t regret it because now I feel so happy. It is always good to forget your troubles at times and just have a good laugh” – Community member, Bomet

“Wow! The acrobatic scene was breath-taking” – Young Mother, Bomet

“When I grow up I would like to join Clowns Without Borders. Clowning is really cool” – Young boy, Kasarani

“You people have given us a present that is so precious; laughter and love” – Young Mother, Kasarani “Those who were not here have missed a lot. I am so happy right now. I don’t have a favourite moment, I liked the whole thing!” – Young Mother, Machakos

“I loved the dancing parts. It was very funny. Now my stress is gone, I feel free” – Older woman, Machakos

“The children absolutely loved it, even the older children who are sometimes a bit too cool. They even left football to come and watch; now that’s saying a lot!  – MM Kenya staff, Ulamba Children’s Home

“The show was the talk of the day at the Children’s Home and also at school, the following day. Rural schools rarely get such treats. We always look forward to making our beneficiaries happy and stress free. It was also good to have people performing to be from different parts of the world” – Principal, local primary school in Siaya

“As a person who works with a charitable organization, I felt good when you see everybody enjoying themselves” – MM Kenya staff, Embu

“The performances were all really enjoyed and very much appreciated. Everyone was very happy to receive the visits and the performers were all very kind, friendly and professional. We would love to continue the partnership and receive further visits in future if possible” – MM Kenya staff, Head Office