12th – 16th of October 2018 (Rehearsals were in Johannesburg from the 5th – 8th of November 2018 with a pre-show at Nkosi’s Haven)




Sibusiso Khambule, Sibusiso Dlamini, Buhle Mazibuko, Xolani Magengenene

LAUGHTER IS HEALING | KwaZulu-Natal | 2018


Gift of the Givers is the largest disaster response organisation of African origin on the African continent. Established in 1992, the organisation today has 21 categories of projects, which cover areas such as health, education, agricultural sustainability, life skills, job creation and entrepreneurship, feeding schemes, sport and culture and winter warmth. In 2018, the organisation was awarded the 2018 Goodwill Award by the FW de Klerk Foundation in recognition of its incredible work towards the…” achievement of equality of advancement of human rights…”

Nkosi’s Haven  is a recognized NGO in South Africa that has been in operation since 1999 offering holistic care and support for destitute HIV/AIDS infected mothers, her children, and resulting AIDS orphans (infected or not). Nkosi’s Haven is named after Nkosi Johnson, the young AIDS activist who passed away on International Children’s Day on June 1st 2001, who dearly wanted a facility that would care for the mom and her child. He had been separated from his mom because of the HIV diagnosis and he never wanted that to happen to any other child. He also wanted HIV positive people to be cared for without discrimination or prejudice.

All photos and video are credited to Soap Box Republic  Based in Cape Town, we are a small production company specialising in visual storytelling and content development for non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and the public sector.


Clowns Without Borders South Africa and Gift of the Givers joined forces in October for the first time in a unique partnership for children in the Umzinyathi District Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

8 schools were involved when the ‘clowns came to town’ with approximately 5000 children reached. The four-artist team performed shows to entertain children, but also with a more serious message around safe sexual behaviour, abstinence and prevention of HIV, in particular the high school children understood very specific conations and play with Zulu words around ‘condom and ‘jacket’.
“It was a real pleasure to work with Abbas Mkhize from Gift of the Givers who organised everything for us. Being able to make children laugh, but also to show them that they should believe in themselves, is why we are here.” says Sibusiso Khambule, project leader CWBSA. The children not only enjoyed the performances, but were also provided with small gifts by Gift of the Givers. It will be a week that they will remember, not only for the performances, but an opportunity to dream about the future.

According to 2017 Avert statistics, South Africa has the biggest HIV epidemic in the world, with 7.1 million people living with HIV. Kwa-Zulu Natal remains the province with the highest HIV prevalence in the population.


The show was amazing full of fun and we enjoyed a lot. They taught us about the importance of education and we also learnt that we must abstain from sex and drugs.” Learner from Ntinini Primary School.

“I liked Binini and Nono, I liked that they were funny I learned that we should support each other no matter the circumstances.” Learner from Hlinzeka School

“The show inspired me, helped me to know more I mean self-discipline and dignity.” Learner from Jama Secondary School.