23 July – 13 August 2016




Annabel Morgan, Sibusiso Khambule, Kevin Brooking(CWB Belgium), Rachel Ponsonby (CWB Belgium)

Chimwemwe | Malawi | 2016


YONECO – (Youth Net and Counselling) is a non-governmental organization that is committed to empowering the youth, women and children; promoting good health, human rights and democracy; adapting and mitigating effects of climate change; and conducting research for evidence based programming and advocacy.


Working with the whole of YONECO’s cultural troupe, a really great show was made that integrated all the different skills brought by the three teams (CWBSA, CMSF and YONECO). The theme of the show was ‘One one six’ and ‘Five six zero zero’, the number of YONECO’s helplines for child protection and gender-based violence. This artistic team performed and ran workshops for children, youth, community members, prisoners, wardens, teachers and elders in 3 different provinces of Malawi. The beneficiaries ranged from primary school children to village elders. Project Chimwemwe brought a great deal of happiness, joy and awareness to the communities reached in Malawi.


“We learnt a lot, especially about child abuse. Here in Jali, there is a lot of child abuse so it was good that you presented this message. The 116 helpline is helping people”
– Community member, Jali

“Before this village had never had anything like this so we went from boredom to too much laughter. At first I was very scared and not sure what was happening but as soon as you started I felt safe and now I want you to stay even longer. The red noses were very funny. It’s new for us and it looked very strange but it brought a lot of laughter”
– Child, Kasale Village

“The show was fantastic. I liked most the magic and the drama. Magic happens in Malawi but we believe that it’s witchcraft so it’s good to show the audience that this is not witchcraft. I never knew 5600 is the hotline for gender based abuse, now I know about it since your activities”
– Community member, Mbuka Primary Grounds

“I am very happy with what you’ve done. Here in the prison it is not always a happy environment. You guys have brought laughter and now I am uplifted. After seeing the guards laugh it encouraged me to laugh with them. If it is possible please come teach us what you guys did so that we can do it here and when we go outside. I learnt that doing things as a united community is very important” –
Youth, Kachere Rehabilitation Centre.