20 January – 7 February 2014


12 267


Henry Lappen, Enos Sam Sambo, Kenneth Ndhlovu, Raquel Loots, Sibongile Tsoanyane

injabulo  | mpumalanga | 2014


 Child Line Mpumalanga – Child line is an effective non-profit organization that works collectively to protect children from all forms of violence and to create a culture of children’s rights in South Africa.

South African Medical Expedition (Acornhoek) – established to provide hope to woman and children in rural communities. SAME provides two vital services to the communities in which they work – home based care and medical support. These services overlap in such a way that no child, orphan or vulnerable, is left to fall between the cracks – therefore creating a safety net within their own community.


Clowns without Borders South Africa in partnership with Child Line Mpumalanga and SAME in Acornhoek have been on a performance tour called “Inkukhu Krazy”, loosely tied into the themes of the precautionary measures to take around contracting Malaria, which is of great concern in the areas visited. The show was an absurdist adventure into the crazy world of chickens, mosquitos, traffic officers and how they collided in a whirlwind of laughter.



“We as children of Siboyiye feel honoured to have been joined by you. Through your acting we have learnt so much, and also had lot of fun. And we hope that you felt at home, hoping that you come again here at Siboyiye. And God Bless you, may you continue entertaining and educating other learners at other schools.”               – Learner from Siboyiye Combined School

“We feel proud to have been considered by clowns. They are clowns for real. We enjoyed a lot. We never wanted them to stop their performance. Thank You clowns, we enjoyed and also learnt a lot from what you did.”

– Dlamini M.K (Principal) from Siboyiye Combined School

“From what you showed us I realise that many things can be done through drama and public speaking. And we have learnt lots of things that we never knew before, we wish you can come back again and serve us with lots of funny things, because from what we saw we gained something.”

– Learner from Mosipa Secondary School

 “The show was so wonderful, with a lot humour and the learners were fascinated. The skills demonstrated were cognitive in nature and most learners wanted to try them thereby improving their level of thinking, concentration and co-ordination.”  

                         – Malapane R.O(Educator) from Mosipa Secondary

 “The performance was superb. We as educators really enjoyed the show. It was also educative and relevant to our learners. The animal they were imitating is well known to us. We wish they can come back and perform for us.”                                                – Mdhlovu E.M (Principal) of Sihlekisi Primary

 “Well presented, eye catching, and interesting. We enjoyed it. It is funny, interesting and enjoyable. We learn a lot from it. You made our day. Thank You so much.”                             – Makubela A.F (Principal) of Mphaku Primary