Dzina lako Ndani? – “What is your name?’ – A language class for ALL!

We started the show by introducing the Clowns to the audience to create a bond. It was the usual introduction with a touch of ‘clown’ – we couldn’t of course remember our names! Slowly, the audience was included and we learnt how to say – What is your Name?  in Chichewa. The second part of the game led to an introduction of the audience, and we asked both children and adults of different ages and gender their names.  As Clowns, we managed to mix this up and ended up calling ourselves the names of the audience. The result was a lot of laughter, as well as a merging of audience and performers, creating an atmosphere of US! When the children would hear their names called out loud on stage accompanied by a huge applause, it made them feel acknowledged and seen. 36 children and adults had their names called out loud. In total, we met around 8500 children and adults in villages and schools.   Everywhere, we went we were greeted with an abundance of smiles, laughter and love. We will truly miss this country and the lovely people. The warmest people in the world!


Written by

Line Møller-Christensen and Åsa Hillingseter Løyning