One word for the Jubalation tour in Juba, South Sudan: Wow!

The tour was intense. It was taxing both emotionally and physically but my energy and willingness to keep going came from the good team spirit amongst my fellow clowns, the supportive Terre des Hommes (TdH) staff members and last, but not least, the undying willingness of our beneficiaries to engage in our activities.

One thing that touched my heart is that despite the fact that most of the beneficiaries that we reached out to were struggling with the very basic needs, they were happy to actively participate in our activities and forget about their unsuitable situation for a while. The children were always eager to learn anything and you could tell this from their curious eyes and how they could smile and laugh at everything we said and repeat it over and over again every time when we visited them.

Sudan1.pngThis tour, besides giving back, was a learning experience. For instance working under challenging conditions like excess heat and we were still able to achieve our objective. Thank you Banana for being a good team leader and Mushkaki and Fish for being good team players.

Thank you CWBSA and TdH for this opportunity and keep up the good work of reaching out to many souls all over the world. Let me stop now before I exceed one word, Wow!

– Irene Mwangi, Kenyan artist, 20 June 2015