Clowns Without Borders receives timely sponsorship from the following corporations and businesses:

Vehicle sponsorship in Southern Africa:

Imperial Car Rental-Europe Car (South Africa) www.imperialcarrental.co.za

Imperial Car Rental has been our sponsor for ground transportation since 2006. Thanks to their amazing generosity, our teams have been able to reach over 60,000 children in remote areas across Southern Africa. Ke a Leboha! 

Website Construction (making this site possible, woohoo!):

Samantha Marx

Accommodation in Southern Africa:

Buddhist Retreat Centre, (Ixopo, KZN, South Africa) www.brcixcopo.co.za

The Kraal Backpackers (Mpande, Eastern Cape, South Africa) www.thekraal-backpackers.co.za

Malealea Pony & Trekking Centre, (Malealea, Lesotho) www.malealea.co.ls

Semonkong Lodge, (Semonkong, Lesotho) www.placeofsmoke.co.ls

Zululand Backpackers, (Eshowe, KZN, South Africa)  www.eshowe.com