Support from individuals like YOU make our work possible.

Over 90% of individual donations go directly to operating costs in the field. This helps us respond to immediate crises and requests from new communities for our work!

It doesn’t take a lot to make a little go a very long way, and ever Rand, Dollar, Euro, Yen goes towards ensuring we bring laughter and joy to communities who desperately deserve this human connection.

Payment via EFT

Direct EFT Payments can be made to our Nedbank account:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Brand Rd Branch
Account Name: Clowns Without Borders
Account Number: 1743009747
Branch Code: 174305
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

Payment via Snapscan



We wanted to make donating as easy as a clown pie in the face. So for ease of use you can use SnapScan to make a simple and impactful once off transaction.

Donation via