IMG_0467.jpgNairobi, Kenya – One last blog from our recent tour with Clowns Without Borders Sweden and Sarakasi Circus in Kenya:

“I remember sitting and hiding in a bag on “the stage” in the beginning of the show. The sun is shining in on my neck and the other clowns have just entered the stage. I hear them talk and the audience is reacting well, then comes the moment for me to fall over. The audience is laughing so much, and when Annabel is falling in her bag, they’re laughing even more. I hear this child giggling with real amazement and when I fall the last time and they explode with laughter. I think to myself, ‘This is it. This is a real moment in the present. I’m sitting in a bag in Kenya and I feel with all my senses how I give joy to these persons in the audience’. That moment is one of my strongest. But there are a lot of them! It was an amazing tour that made me thankful about my life and everything I get the chance to give and to receive.”

– Rebecka, Clowner Utan Granser, 15 August 2013