Clowns Without Borders South Africa is a registered Non Profit Organisation in South Africa (NPO Registration Number 057-149). We are also a member of the Clowns Without Borders International federation.

Our Vision:
Children being children again.

Our Mission:
Clowns Without Borders enables children and families to play, laugh, and create through the arts.

Our Values:
We strive to build relationships based on trust and respect, and a sense of playfulness and creativity.

Our Target:
Community based organisations that provide support to children and families affected by crisis.

Our Beneficiaries:
Children and families

Our Core Principle:
Clowns Without Borders uses arts based interventions to provide psychosocial support to children and families affected by crisis

Our Objectives:

a)      The organisation’s main objectives are to:
–        Improve the psychosocial wellbeing of children and communities affected by crisis in Africa and around the world           through humour and laughter.
–        Raise the awareness domestically and internationally about conditions encountered in areas of crisis.
–        Provide professional development and empowerment opportunities to local artists to create self-supporting and             sustainable community structures.
–        Maintain a spirit of creativity, play, humour, joy, peace, compassion, and loving kindness in all our endeavours.

b)     The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to:
–       Target the most vulnerable children and communities, not only children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, violence, and                  poverty but all affected.
–       Support and encourage existing community based organizations that provide support to children and their                      caregivers.
–       Collaborate with cultural and social organizations on the community, regional, national, and international level.
–       Deepen our understanding of the capacity of laughter and theatre arts education to improve the psychosocial                  wellbeing of affected children and caregivers.
–       Provide positive reinforcement of social values that promote peace, diversity, gender and racial equality, and                    cultural identity.