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KZN LOTTO Performance Tour – Bo’s Blog

by Bo Tasker | Feb 7, 2017

Hello everyone! I’m Bo Tasker! I like to describe myself as a: tall, funny Deaf guy. I’m a part of the best CWBSA team that is bringing laughter to the community of Pietermariztburg, as a naughty school boy clown. Doing these CWBSA performance tours has always made my heart smile because we make thousands of kids smile and have a really good laugh; while at the same time educating them about challenges and situations they face in their daily lives. Deep down I am a performer and doing this brings the best out of me. To be honest this character I am is just the same guy I was at school a naughty gangsta wannabe, so it is natural to play. Ha ha!

When we come to the many schools, as we start setting up our stage; all the kids start peeping out the classroom windows wondering what is in store for them. Then starting with the smallest children coming in the front row and then more kids just keep pouring in and more come in until there are hundreds of faces just filling any gap they can find to have a good view of our show. As we start the show with our two clowns appearing on stage singing such a beautiful African song ( awumthande mntwana wakho ) about loving your child; I peep in a hole and see those hundreds of kids watching and just love seeing all the kids starting to smile and just forgetting the drama at home, bullying at school, self doubt, hunger, pity and stress. Pietermariztburg has been very hot in past few days but what was really amazing was that the kids of all ages will come out and sit in the blaring sun and enjoy the show. The reaction we get in all the schools is so amazing! In some schools, the older kids will sit there and really pay close attention to the show, as you can see that they are recognising something familiar in our routine (like parents fighting in front of their children or the need to be rebellious.) As for the young ones, its a chance to enjoy themselves and have a good laugh. Its been a great week and the reception we received was really amazing from all the schools. I can’t wait for our second week!

I humbly thank Clowns Without Borders South Africa, The National Lotteries Commision and my fellow clowns for allowing me this great opportunity in my life time.