Lotto1.jpgBushbuckridge, Mpumalanga – Wayitshukutshaaaaaaaaaaaa (our taxi song)! Our first day on tour was a rainy Monday. I was nervous and shaking because I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first shows with Clowns Without Borders. Because the school was informed that we were coming, kids were so excited that makes me relieved. And to have Sibongile and Henry’s experience made me believe that it would all work out.

Can you imagine? We performed three shows! In the first school, we discovered that they had two schools in one yard. Because it was raining and not enough space for everyone, we couldn’t combine the schools together. It was a great experience to me. Their appreciation and response gave me more confidence. I really can do it!

In all the shows, you can see that people are in need of such activities. Each time after a performance, one or two teachers came to ask how we do what we do? What materials can they use to teach leaners how to clown? How the organization can assist them? Maybe this will lead to drama and clown classes as part of school!

When we leave each school, you can hear the leaners and their teachers and see them dancing imitating our show, having fun running behind our van shouting and screaming.

I was so thrilled to hear one of the teachers saying we are the good pill for relieving stress. Those words just bring joy to me as my first time working with the organisation. That makes me realise that if I can concentrate more on what Clowns Without Borders gives me as a tool to bring joy and laughter to the people, I can do more and reach out to more people who are in need of this. I wish to learn more from the organization and discover myself as a clown artist. I appreciate this opportunity given by the organization it makes me realise how important I can be to a life of a human being.

I am happy that we already did 10 shows in 1 week in Bushbuckridge and I hope we still going to have more fun and rock 10 more schools in Acornhoek. After one week of being a Clown without borders, I feel the power of laughter. We are ready.

Wow! Wow! I am happy to perform in Mpumalanga, My province.

Ngiyabonga kakhulu, thank you so much, for everything!

Enos Sam Sambo, local CWB artist from Mpumalanga, 02 February 2014

Project Injabulo is grateful for the support and sponsorship from the National Lottery Trust Distribution Fund and Europcar.