Image 5.jpgThe first week of our performance began with a bang!!! Although we did our ‘test show’ on Friday, we were still a bit nervous about how the children would respond to the show. Monday morning @7:30 the clowns were on the road. At the first school, they found the principal and the staff were so welcoming.

The show finally started @9:00 when the clowns took to the stage. As it was a very different show and performing for high school learners, it was challenging but we pulled it off. They actually responded very well! They were laughing throughout the show and really getting the message behind it. Then we went to the next school where we did a show and a teacher’s workshop. Again the show was a success, the children and teachers really enjoyed it.

Image 4.jpgDay 2 came and the team was so looking forward to doing the shows. However, it was not as easy as the previous day as some of the schools had very little numbers of students. The first school had a total of 24 pupils in their year enrollment. With good communication between our partner KEISKAMMA TRUST ( and the school we managed to take the students to our next performance. Again the show was great they responded very well and they enjoyed the show.

Day 3 on Wednesday we didn’t have any shows because the teachers had to go to a union meeting. It was going to be 2 days without any shows.

Day 4, the clowns and KEISKAMMA quickly organised two community shows for Thursday. Although the weather was very bad (it was raining throughout the day), some members of the community did come and they enjoyed the show very much.

Day 5 on Friday we did 2 shows at high schools. The weather was not good. It was very cold but it did not stop us from putting smiles on the children’s faces and getting the message across. This was a very successful week as we managed to perform for many students.

Image 6.jpgHere is some of the feedback we got from the learners and the teachers:

“We enjoyed the performance so much and they are lovely and their acting is educational and entertaining.”

“I really enjoyed the part where they talked about STI and ARV’S.”

About the teacher’s workshop: “It was very useful in that it served as an eye-opener to gender issues that we normally disregard as educators.”

“Parents should be invited to such workshops and awareness campaign so that we can be on the same level.”

– Sipho aka Zumba, 13 May 2013

Project Lithe’tha is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and Europcar