Sussie's Bday.jpgThe first week of project Lithe’tha was an amazing journey through creating a new show. Hamburg is a very interesting place, not at all what I expected. On our arrival we met by Merran from Keiskamma Trust (our community partner, and on Monday we met with Unathi who is the PR person and two community artists, Mbulelo and Xolani.

In the morning after the introductions, Hannah facilitated our post-show workshop with us so we could experience how it should be facilitated. We will be facilitating these workshops with teachers from schools after our performances to help them integrate issues about gender and HIV in their teaching. It is an exciting new step for us Clowns Without Borders teams!

After lunch, we set off for our rehearsal with excitement. I was more excited by the fact that the show would be structured around my childhood favourite story. At the same time, I was curious as to how Jayne our director would mould it to fit in with the brief being Gender and HIV. I shared the story with everyone and from there magic happened.

We managed to have a show in a space of two and half days which was phenomenal. Everyone was excited for our test show for the community on friday. We had a wonderful turnout and it was amazing to see the response we received. The show boasts both storytelling and clowning with such magic.

It is also great to involve community artists in the process. That way, we get to leave skills behind after our tour. As one of the local artists said, “I feel good to have an opportunity to work with the clowns and I am learning a lot as it is my first time to perform on stage. I am enjoying myself and I want to carry on performing and also pass the knowledge I am gaining to my community.”

The clowns are ready for taking the show to schools on Monday with Dombolo aka Busi, Zumba aka Sipho, Zondi aka Mbulelo, Bullet aka Xolani, Super aka Mr. Fish and Olive aka me Sussie.

Sussie Mjwara

05 May 2013

Project Lithe’tha is sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency and Europcar.