Rufaro12.jpg27 September, 2013 – We have finished our first week of touring, it started in a rural school with 1700 children and ended in an SOS Children’s village with 150.

Whilst at the SOS village Annabel and I needed to use the toilet and were taken into one of the homes where 8 of the children lived. The warmth and love of the home emanated from everywhere. The kitchen shelves were lined with newspaper with a frill cut out on the edge to give the shelf a pretty scalloped edge, the chairs were covered in children’s fabrics and the sofa’s were full of frills, it was full of detail, time taken and love. I wonder what life will be like for the young people who leave these homes, how are they prepared for the world outside of this environment? What are their hopes, aspirations and dreams? Is it wrong to assume that my western life with its stresses and strains, depression, consumerism is a better way of life and one that I would want for the people here? Whose reality is fulfilling…who is repressed?

Rufaro13.jpgAfter the shows we have played a couple of songs and there is an instant reaction to dance, people are so close to finding joy in the moment here, there aren’t 100’s of distractions, inhibitions or choices to make. Play is found in everyday objects, I washed my feet in the bath this evening and Natasha wanted to join in, she was mesmerized by my foaming shower gel, watching it swirl away down the plug hole, fly through the air, making foam beards and funny shaped noses.

Taking the time to play with Natasha and dance with the children after the shows is a joy and it validates my time here in Africa. Like the feeling of being given a home made gift, or seeing the news paper frill, it is an investment of time, something money can’t buy.

– Marion Duggan, UK Artist

Project Rufaro is made possible from the generous contributions of indivduals from the UK, the Ubuntu Clown Fun(d), and Europcar South Africa.