Ajukujah.jpgCreighton, 23 August, 2014 – Children are very happy when they have something new from their daily schedules, especially when they know they’ve got visitors. As their teachers instruct them to bring their chairs outside in the open field, excited as they go to meet with Bongekile (Sister Boss) Mabuya, our boss clown who will arrange them according to their grades. As they seat I (Mr Fish) will warm them up with my string magic. Once every one is seated and ready for the show, we disappear behind the van to get ready for the show.

In a minute Akhi, Oyi Akhi, Oyi,Oyi, Oyi…our small clown ritual to follow with “Inyama nyama soups soups” song as we enter our set up stage. The screams, laughter from little kids in grade R to grade 7 and including the teachers unable to hold themselves. One routine after the other leading them to our last routine SAVE… YOUR… MONEY… holding up our piggy banks and children joining into the slogan. As is it is the norm with our shows in the field, children will either play mimicking our clown characters or living a memorable song. This time not only we are leaving them with a song but also with a great lesson on how to use your money.

Leaving something they will not forget… At Isibomvini primary school the children enjoyed the show but most of all was the teachers. One teacher who always gave a straight face not laughing, during the show teachers were not only laughing at our performance but the straight face teacher gave them something they will never forget. She was laughing throughout the show.  Not only we brought laughter and education but we also added some kind of reconnection.

This fills me with great uplifting spirit to continue sharing and enjoying what I’m doing.

– Mr Fish

Project Siyonga is made possible thanks to the generous support of Bankseta and Europcar South Africa.