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Training materials

Sinovuyo Caring Families Programme for Young Children

Episode 1: Financial responsibility and positive discipline

Episode 2: Resolving Conflict between Parents and Teenagers

Episode 3: Sexual Health and Individual Support

Episode 4: HIV, STIs & Stigma

Episode 5: Talking about emotions & promoting positive sexual health

Episode 6: Positive Sexual Health and Understanding Risks

Episode 7: Wider Support

Episode 8: Putting Out Fires & Sexual Consent

Episode 9: Finding Positive Solutions

Episode 10: Parent-Teen Emotional Support

Episode 11: Sunshine of Positive Attention

Episode 12: Keeping Safe in the Community and in Relationships


  • What we do
  • Our model
  • Parenting for Lifelong Health

“I learned that there is a huge difference between a facilitator, a coach, and a trainer. Every time we did activities, they were connected to the previous knowledge and experiences. I liked the activity where we looked at the overall programme; it gave me a better understanding of the KAP programme. I also understand that I need to demonstrate capacity in terms of principles in order to be an effective trainer in the field.” Suzie – Caris Foundation Haiti