Wingwavuma2.jpgeek 2 of the Injabulo tour in Ingwavuma was a lovely week. The show is getting better and the children’s reactions are always so genuine and honest. This keeps us on our toes and gives us desire to keep pushing the envelope to see their reactions, even the ‘boos’ because you know they are paying attention and wanting to join in on the fun.

We faced some challenges, like one day started with fog and light rain but always ends in sunshine. Wind was a strong factor one day. So strong that Skholele needed to stay behind and hold the back drop during the whole show or else it would have set sail.

There were a few firsts this week- for instance we had the youngest volunteer join us for the soccer match; first boo**; first performance in a hall; oh and first time the students responded ‘YES’ to needing to get back to schoolwork. It was also CWBS first time performing at Nyathi Primary school, the students and teachers were very appreciative and enthralled with the show.

ingwavuma5.jpgFor me I enjoy watching the expressions on the children’s faces from behind the backdrop. Observing them taking in what they are seeing, especially at beginning of show when Sipho is setting the stage or gasping with surprises to the magic of Mr. Fish, or absorbing the sounds of Manjula who accompanies our actions. I also enjoy interacting with the children after the show whether singing a song, letting them play with the hula hoop or even trying pyramid building.

This is the magic of live performance, seeing things eye to eye; feeling, laughing, reacting. Looking forward to what this week brings.

written by Stacey Carlson

In partnership with Zisize Educational Trust

Funded by National Arts Council of South Africa and Europcar South Africa.

**The boos happened when we mad fun of Mr Fish because he doesn’t have a red nose. Then he realized he had same nose as audience, so they laughed at us…then he played with a student with a soccer ball and we want to join and we ask if we can play…the kids “boo-ed” at us for being mean – such engagement!