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We promote innovative, creative, and evidence-informed interventions that support the psychosocial well-being and protection of children and families affected by crisis and adversity.

What we do

Capacity Building

Build partner capacity from the private, public, and non-governmental sectors in the scale-up of parenting and psycho-social programmes. 

Content Development and Research

Support the development, adaptation, dissemination, and scale up of programmes through content development and research implementation.

Quality Assurance

Develop and review qualitative, efficient, and user-friendly systems and processes for management of potential scale up of parenting and other programmes.


Collaborate with humanitarian partners through strengthened positioning and awareness around the use of play and arts to relieve suffering and trauma.

With these core approaches, CWBSA aims to reduce the risk of violence against children and adolescents within the home, develop healthy family relationships and support child development through play. Read more

Featured Resources

Parenting for Lifelong Health

Browse through the Parenting for Lifelong Health* manuals. Capacity building and technical support is provided in carefully supervised groups for this evidence-based programme.

Creativity Together

A new capacity building programme targeting facilitators who work with 8-12 year olds around violence prevention.


Sinovuyo Caring Families Programme for Young Children

Listen to Sino’s story– this inspiring story lets us follow the daily lives of 3 adolescents and their families.

Implementation Guides

The guidelines have been developed to support new and old partners in the implementation of the PLH programmes

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