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Annual Reports

Come a global pandemic, come rain or shine…Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA) continues to cause ripple effects with its work. Nothing stopped the CWBSA family from reaching the myriad of children and communities affected by the pandemic and beyond. We cannot say that COVID-19 did not throw a spanner in the works, especially as civil society navigated unchartered terrain in the digital space, but for CWBSA, we catapulted to new heights.

In 2020, CWBSA continued to accelerate progress on the PLH programme, of which content now covers 8 languages in South Africa. CWBSA made progress with innovative research in partnership with University of Oxford, UNICEF, and the Global Partnership to end Violence against Children.

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Previous annual reports

“I think allowing time and space for baseline research, facilitator relationship development and preparation, brainstorming, and experimentation truly gave the project it’s legs. It did not feel rushed or haphazard. The support from the Clowns Without Borders SA team, as well as Lefika La Phodiso, was appreciated and grounded the project. This project felt held, thoughtful, and carefully considered, even though it was experimental. Positive working relationships appeared to be a key part of the program’s success”
– Emilie Owen, Creativity Together, South Africa