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Training materials

You’re welcome to browse through these manuals and materials below, but evidence shows that if programmes are used without properly trained facilitators, they may be far less effective.

Parenting for Lifelong Health

Browse through the Parenting for Lifelong Health manuals. Capacity building and technical support is provided in carefully supervised groups for this evidence-based programme.


In 2022, the ParentApp was piloted in Tanzania in partnership with Oxford University, the University of Cape Town, the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) and ICS.

CWBSA has supported the development and revision of additional content, training curricula, and implementation tools to facilitate successful implementation. Detailed guidelines for onboarding, phone-call support, and WhatsApp-based user support were developed and refined in preparation of the 2023 randomised control test to boost successful user enrolment and engagement.

Creativity Together

Creativity Together, in process -new capacity building programme targeting facilitators who work with 8-12 year olds around violence prevention.

Parenting Tips

Do you need quick and easy to use parenting tips? Watch these videos on our YouTube channel.

“It brings peace in the family. You sit peacefully even if you had a lot of stress but there is that peace because the lessons are good and educational.”
Caregiver, on the Parenting App