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CWBSA Leadership Transition

Dear Friends,

Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA) is excited to announce a leadership transition for our organisation. After 15 years of successfully leading CWBSA, Jamie Lachman has decided to step down as executive director to pursue his academic career at the University of Oxford on a full-time basis. We have conducted an extensive recruitment and transition process and are very happy to unanimously appoint our current managing director, Lulu Ngcobo, and development director, Suzan Eriksson, as co-directors of the organisation.

Lulu has been part of CWBSA since its inception and has been instrumental in building internal financial and human resource management systems. Suzan has extensive experience in strategic non-profit management and development, working for many years internationally with communities affected by humanitarian crisis. CWBSA is thrilled to have such a dynamic leadership duo to take the organisation into its new phase of development.

CWBSA wishes Jamie great joy and success in life as he continues to bring laughter, emotional relief and protection to vulnerable children affected by crisis and trauma. He has embodied the spirit of play, humour, creativity, compassion and commitment that is the foundation of our organisation. He will continue to support CWBSA, and in particular, the Parenting for Lifelong Health programmes, as a senior advisor and member of the Board.

Peace and laughter,

Gugu Mclaren-Ushewokunze, Chairperson
Lulu Ngcobo and Suzan Eriksson, Co-Directors
Jamie Lachman, former Executive Director and Founder